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LEDs and smart lighting controls are the most recent advancements in lighting technology having numerous benefits to leverage in different spaces. Therefore, many commercial buildings and industries integrate LED-powered outdoor and indoor lighting systems in their facilities to uplift the aesthetics of the space along with having a positive impact on the bodies and minds of their employees. 

However, while LEDs are a popular and powerful element to add in a workspace, cold storage, warehouse, manufacturing plants and even streets, there are always some contemplating thoughts about their working and unbelievable benefits during the time of selection. 

It is observed that buyers tend to get surrounded by misconceptions or rumors regarding modern LED lighting. To help you not become the host of the same, here are some must-known myths and facts about LEDs debunked. 

Myth 1- LEDs are Short-lived Lights

Fact- They has a longer life span.

LED bulbs are known to be long-lasting illumination sources that don’t heat up filaments, resulting in very less thermal stress. This is the reason why they have an extended lifespan. 

An LED is basically made up of a driver circuit mounted below the LED on the luminaire. It involves a few diodes and other semiconductors. All these parts cannot burn or break over time, like incandescent lighting solutions, which makes them work for a longer period of time.

Myth 2- LEDs Do Not Produce Adequate Illumination

Fact- LEDs provide bright and glare-free luminosity

The most significant difference between using an LED light and a conventional light bulb is that an LED luminaire will use significantly less energy. For instance, a 7-watt LED lighting may produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Myth 3- LEDs are Too Expensive

Fact- LEDs are great investments

LEDs were costly when they were first introduced in the market, but their cost has subsequently decreased over the years. 

Furthermore, while there is an upfront cost associated with retrofitting, LED lighting can pay for itself within a few years due to significant energy savings and the fact that it will require fewer replacements because it lasts longer. In some circumstances, you might even be eligible for a government grant to aid in the transition. 

Myth 4- LEDs Contain Hazardous Materials

Fact- There is harmful content in LED light sources.

Whether it is LED commercial lights, or industrial or landscape luminaires, they are much safer than fluorescent lighting in terms of their composition. Lead and mercury, two harmful materials, are not used in the production of LEDs. They are entirely recyclable as well.

Myth 5- LEDs Struggle to Function in Extremely Chilly Conditions

Fact- The exact opposite is true. 

In frigid temperatures, LEDs operate more effectively than any other lighting solution. Additionally, they are perfect for illuminating spaces that need to be kept cool because they maintain a significantly lower temperature as compared to fluorescent or incandescent luminaires.

Apart from the aforementioned myths, people also believe that LEDs require time to warm up, they are not sustainable and are more sensitive to vibrations. To be clear, these are all misconceptions burst by lighting professionals and various top light manufacturing companies in India. 

So, if you are looking for revamping the outdoor or indoor lighting systems of your commercial facilities, go for LED luminaires by exploring our website and products.

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